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Crash and Burn: Excerpt #1

“I really want to kiss you, right now.”

“Then kiss me.” She stood up, right there next to his chair and waited.

He’d blurted out the thought because he wanted her to know how much he wanted her. But he’d never expected this. She was calling his bluff, daring him to stand up and make a spectacle of himself in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

He’d been on dozens of dates the last few years, and not one of them challenged him like she did.

Not one of those women had made him feel this alive.

He took his time, suddenly wanting every pair of eyes in the place glued to them to witness this kiss. He was staking his claim, right here, right now, and he wanted everyone to know she was his.

Crash and Burn: Excerpt #2

Eva James, or Erin, or whatever name she wanted to call herself, was a wild card. She burned bright, took chances, and followed her heart. And he wanted to taste that wild side with her.

When Eva James disappeared down the hallway that led to the restrooms, he got up off his bar stool. He took one step before Mitchell’s hand landed on his right arm and Jake’s on his left.

“Whoa. Where do you think you’re going?” Jake’s shit-eating grin said he already knew the answer to that question.

“I’m going to get her.”

Derek burst out laughing. “Let him go. I gotta see this train wreck.”

“Screw you, Derek.”

Even Mitchell was grinning now, but he let go of Chance’s arm. “Go for it, brother. She’s going to love you, bad boy. Just so you know, that tie of yours can be used for all kinds of things besides wearing it in court.”

Derek was still chuckling. “We’ll have to pry her off your rebel ass with a crowbar.”

Chance flipped them all off and headed for the side of the stage to wait for her. He didn’t give a damn what any of his brothers said. So what if she wasn’t his normal type? Forget normal. He wanted her. He looked, and he wanted. End of story.

He was tired of playing it safe. Tired of taking care of other people’s problems. He needed a damn break. He needed her to rattle his cage.

He wanted to talk to her, to touch her. And if she didn’t run scared? He damn sure was going to get her into his bed.

Crash and Burn: Excerpt #3

“Do you want to kiss me?”

Erin licked her lips. He was $asking her. Giving her control and being a gentleman about it. And that, combined with the fact that she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him since he’d walked out of the shop yesterday, had her nodding her head before she’d even answered his question.

“Yes.” Erin dropped her head back with a soft moan as Chance’s lips traced heated patterns across her cheek. He shifted slightly, holding her face still with gentle hands as he took his sweet time lowering his mouth to hers.

She could hardly breathe. Her whispered admission had sent her over the edge and into the dark abyss where common sense and reason ceased to exist. He leaned forward and the kiss started as a gentle exploration, as if he needed to coax a wild animal, like he was afraid she’d run.

He didn’t taste her, he plundered and explored. His kiss branded her with the faint taste of whiskey and heat. He owned her mind and her body in that moment. He left her nowhere to hide and no room to retreat. She was on fire and her world narrowed to the exotic taste of his mouth, the strong arms that circled her waist, the aggressive heat of his body pressed to hers, and the soft glide of his hair in her fists as she pulled him closer, demanded he give her more.

She whimpered and the needy sound barely registered. In some far away, logical place in her mind, she knew she’d never made that sound before. It should have served as a warning, instead it pushed her further into madness. She never wanted to stop…

Fall in love with all four Walker brothers...
January 2016 : Crash and Burn  (Chance Walker)
February 2016: Alone With You   (Jake Walker)
March 2016: Up All Night     (Mitchell Walker)
Coming Soon: Make Me Forget    (Derek Walker)

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